Open source advocate and engineering leader

Hey, I'm Marc and I work for the next generation of open source developers.

Tech is reshaping how we learn and come together. Software is ubiquitious and every person can now build their way to a future that inspires them. However, today's world isn't designed to work for these creators creating an imbalance between the impact they're capable of, and what's expected of them.

I'm working to solve this problem…

  • by creating better tools on GitHub for developers and formerly at Hackerbay for hackers and companies;
  • by building communities at Tea and formerly as co-founder of Hackevents organizing hackathons across Germany, now by mentoring at hackathons around the world;
  • by documenting open source projects on YouTube;

...and through one commit at a time.

Currently, I am working as Chief Technology Officer at AQVC. It's an amazing place where I get to work alongside great people on our vision to democratize the access to venture capital.

I'm currently living in Munich, Germany. Some other places I've lived in are Helsinki, Berlin, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Toronto.

I'm a huge physics nerd, in particular cosmology. I wrote about the accelerating expansion of the universe, or better know as Dark Energy.


I founded and built Hackerbay as CTO with three awesome friends. We took a small insight from hackathons – software is not a 12 month development cycle – and built up a B2B company. We worked with Twitter, Vodafone, Allianz and some of Germany's largest corporations. With NFX we had incredible investors on board and always an open ear from James, Pete, or Gigi.

After five years of immense personal and professional growth, priorities changed and we decided to pursue new opportunities, where each of our personal strengths are best put to use.

For me that's building tools to improve the economics of open source.

Let's connnect

I'm most active on Twitter and GitHub but you can also find me on LinkedIn. The best way to contact me is either through Twitter, or my email at my first name @ – my DMs and inbox are always open.

Marc Seitz